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Famous Food To Try As A Tourist In Napoli

Famous Food To Try As A Tourist In Napoli

Naples is a beautiful city found in Southern Italy at the Bay of Naples. It is home to numerous tourist attraction sites and features. Albeit the attraction that stands out the most is its still very active volcano, found on Mount Vesuvius. This mountain has even recently erupted, thus destroying Pompeii, the adjacent town. Naples has beautiful ancient structural architecture and historical art structures and artifacts which date back to centuries! One thing however that as a tourist you cannot just ignore is the food. It is an important part of the Napoli culture, and there are foods that as a tourist, you should not leave the city without trying.

Famous Napoli Foods

Naples, being an Italian city, boasts of its Italian food heritage, but with a Napoli twist. The culinary expertise in towns like Pompeii, Naples, and Amalfi is unparalleled. They are home to the best trained and cultivated taste buds; hence the ability to bring out the bet tasting food is not limited.

1. Spaghetti alle vongole

Naples is home to Italy’s best ever known pizza! One cannot go to an Italian town such as this and fail to eat its pizza. It is the biggest mistake that a tourist can even make. Other taste bud teasers are the famous clams with Italian spaghetti, known by the locals as, spaghetti alle vongole’.

2. Pasta cacao e pepe and Sartu

Another meal to go for is the pasta cacao e pepe’, this is a meal full of tasty pepper, and is translated a paste coupled with caciocavallo cheese and pepper. It is guaranteed to work through your taste buds. Alternately, if Italian pepper is too much for you, then you can fill up on the tasty Sartu. This loosely translates to; rice timbale and cheese, with some meat and vegetables.

3. Pizza fritta and Suppli di riso

For snacks, a tourist should definitely go for the very popular friend pizza dough which has been stuffed with cheese, charcuterie and tomato; it is called a pizza fritta, so no need to explain all this to the waiter. Fried rice is also another snack worth your taste buds. In Italian, the fried rice balls are called suppli di riso’.

4. pastiera napoletana, torta caprese and limoncello

For Napoli dessert, your first pick as a tourist should without a doubt be pastiera napoletana’ which is a ricotta tart, scented with citrus. How amazing is that? Another dessert to try while in Naples is the torta caprese which is basically made of chocolate and almond cakes. It has a bit much of calories, but is a great treat if coupled with lemon liquer, known to the locals as limoncello’.

A day’s full meal Program for a tourist

For breakfast Colazione’: two options are suitable here, the ricotta pastry which is a sweet delight and is locally called sfogliatella’ or, Italian croissant with espresso.

For lunch Pranzo’: this is the day’s main meal. Try any meal from the above list. Lunch time is usually from around noon to around three pm, although typically locals eat theirs at 2pm

For dinner Cena’: this is lighter than lunch but any of the above meals will do just fine. Standard dinner time at most restaurants is around 7:30 pm and 8pm. Locals however, have their meals after half past eight on most occasions

The residents usually assemble for after work drinks from between 5pm to around 8pm. This period is called Aperitivo’


A person cannot say that they have visited Napoli without having eaten the local food delicacies. These are some of the best in the world.

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